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Luxury Aromatics: Premium Fragrances oil for Soap, Cosmetics, and Candles

Discover LuxyM Candle Supplies' extensive range of fragrance oils. Each LuxyM fragrance oil is meticulously crafted without phthalates, parabens, sulfates, BHT, BHA, PEG, soy, gluten, and diacetyl, ensuring a cruelty-free experience. Moreover, these oils may also be free from carcinogens, mutagens, reproductive organ toxins, or acute toxins.

It's essential to note that Fragrance Oils are synthetically compounded and should not be confused with 100% natural Essential Oils. Our carefully curated collection of fragrance oils, suitable for candles, soap, beauty, and home products, is thoughtfully selected by our in-house perfumer. Immerse your handmade creations in these functional fragrances, designed to combat odors, bacteria, or enhance mood, and experience the luxurious and refined scents they bring to your products.