Modern USB Electric candle lighter


The electric candle lighter is a convenient and easy-to-use tool for lighting candles. Its long, slim design allows you to reach wicks in deep or hard-to-reach places, and its electric ignition means you don't have to fumble with matches or lighters. Simply press the button and watch as the electric arc lights your candle safely and efficiently. The electric candle light is a must-have for anyone who loves candles.


Model Modern  lighter design
Material Zink
USB rechargeable: Electric lighter via a USB port -  Includes USB charging cord
Compact and portable design Lighter is small and lightweight
Flameless and windproof: The electric lighter uses a plasma arc to create a flame-less and windproof spark

Customer Reviews

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tena C.
I received my product

But I was very disappointment. It was not even the right one and it’s not working. you send me the wrong colour I ordered white

Dear Eck Tena Chin,

We apologize for sending you the wrong color and a malfunctioning Modern USB Electric candle lighter. We understand your disappointment. To address this issue, please contact our customer support team . They will provide you with the necessary assistance to resolve this matter and ensure your satisfaction.

Thank you for your understanding, and we look forward to assisting you further.