Perforated model wooden candle wick with clips

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 Perforated Model Wooden Candle Wick – a perfect blend of functionality and aesthetics for your candle-lighting experience. The innovative perforated design enhances the wick's oil absorption, ensuring a clean and efficient burn every time.

The charming grid pattern adds a touch of elegance to your candles, making them not only a source of light but also a visual delight. As you light the wooden wick, enjoy the soothing crackling sounds reminiscent of a fireplace, creating a relaxing ambiance.

For optimal performance, after the initial burn, consider cleaning the residual charcoal part of the wick. This simple step enhances the wick's combustion performance, ensuring a longer-lasting and delightful candle-burning experience. Elevate your moments of relaxation with our Perforated Model Wooden Candle Wick today.

 Please refer to our candle wick guide for additional details.

Note: It is advisable to conduct tests with different wick sizes when adjusting existing candle recipes or creating new ones. Modifying the wax, fragrance oil, dye, or additives may affect burning characteristics, potentially necessitating a change in the optimal wick size for candles of the same diameter


Customer Reviews

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Bryna c.
Perforated wood wicks

Amazing!! I trimmed them down to soze and they worked amazing..I will be ordering more this week!

Joelle H.

I love these wicks!

Kathryn P.
Wooden wick

I got these wooden wicks in all sizes and they are excellent quality!!